Senior Asset Artist


Are you a Senior Asset Artist?

You Can

  • Disseminate information to your team members on workflows, methodologies, or creative / technical feedback from a supervisor
  • Work with a production team at an advanced level to execute the desired look of complicated CG assets, including creatures and/or hard-surface models, including environments, mechanical, organic, or supernatural assets with the highest level of photoreal quality
  • Collaborate with a team to determine various design solutions while offering workarounds to overcome production challenges
  • Mentor junior and mid level artists on your team
  • Maintain or exceed consistent level of productivity while meeting deadlines
  • Liaise with various departments of production
  • Manage personal schedules

You Have

  • 3-5 years minimum film production experience
  • A proficient understanding of modelling in Maya
  • A proficient understanding of texturing in Mari for multipass rendering
  • A proficient understanding of ZbrushAdvanced knowledge of UV optimizations and UDIM workflows
  • A strong understanding of look development through photoreal and/or supernatural shader networks
  • A strong aesthetic sense with a sharp eye for photorealism
  • Concise communication - a must
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organizational skills


  • Experience with grooming and hair systems a plus
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