Character Designer / Concept Artist

Santa Monica

Are you a Character Designer / Concept Artist?

You Can

  • Work closely with a small creative R&D team
  • Conceptualize ideas, research looks, create original characters and design new worlds
  • Deliver a good range of aesthetics, from detailed designs to stylized looks
  • Work in sketch form for fast iterations as well as fully painted concept ready for modeling

You Have

  • The ability to take on a brief, iterate on its core concept, propose alternatives and generate your own ideas and present it back to your team
  • Amazing collaboration and creative working skills where you can communicate effectively with your team and take initiative on your ideas
  • A deep and thorough understanding of shape and color languages
  • A good basis of human anatomy, with life drawing experience
  • Sketchbooks, character studies and high drawing/painting skills that you can show us in your portfolio


  • Location, location, location - 1 block from the beach
  • Full healthcare benefits
  • Paid sick days (cough!)
  • Ping pong & arcade machine
  • Multiple studio doggies
  • A dedicated culture team that plans fun, rolls out fun & has fun!
  • Mates, not colleagues
Santa Monica

1424 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 888-8738


Level 2, 256 Clarendon St
South Melbourne VIC 3205