Meet Graduates Jesse & Subi!

At the start of November, we announced we were looking for a graduate for our 2017 placement program in our Melbourne studio.

Of course, our search for this graduate was done the Luma way. We invited graduate students located in Australia to apply to be considered for this program and announced that we’d take up to four of the finalists to Fiji with us. After Fiji, we’d invite the selected graduates to a few interview rounds to be considered for a 3 month placement at our Melbourne studio in their relevant department.

After reviewing close to 100 applications, our supervisors chose two standout candidates to join the crew in Fiji and to qualify for the placement program in 2017. Our supervisors were looking for candidates with a strong and impressive reel and each candidate’s cover letter was weighed heavily.

Scroll down to meet them and what they have to say about chilling in paradise with the Luma crew.

J E S S E   C O H E N  


Jesse studied the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment  in Melbourne for two years with a specialisation in compositing. His interest in visual effects stems from his love for technology and film. Jesse’s reel demonstrates a strong understanding of the fundamental skill sets which make for a resourceful compositor.

Most memorable moment of the trip:

Of all the spectacular moments of the trip, hanging out on the beach in the warm weather with some drinks and the friendly Luma crew had to be the best!

What’s one thing that surprised you about Luma?
I was surprised to see just how close everyone was to one another. Spending time with the company allowed me to see first hand how Luma is both a team and a family.

If you could describe the trip in one word, what would it be?


S U B H A A N   A S I F

aka Subi 



Subhaan was born in Pakistan and moved to Sydney, Australia when he was young. His strong inclination to do something creative led to his interest in visual effects. In January of 2016, Subhaan received a full scholarship at CG Spectrum for a 1 year advanced program in VFX. Subhaan’s diverse reel was impressive for a junior especially with his using a complex program like Houdini. Additionally, our supervisors liked that he showed different versions of simulations.


Most memorable moment of the trip:

Sitting in the bus on the way to the resort and slowly sinking in that 3 years ago I was aspiring to be a part of the industry and realizing that I was that much closer by heading towards a 4 day vacation with one of Australia’s leading studios.

What’s one thing that surprised you about Luma?

As cheesy as it sounds, the people. Luma is the definition of a “people’s” company. The encounters I had felt genuine, informative and laid back. It made my experience as a student a lot less intimidating and allowed me to be myself.

If you could describe the trip in one word, what would it be?


So what’s next?

In the coming weeks, both Jesse and Subhaan will go through interview rounds with our supervisors and VP/Head of Culture, Jamy Zink, to be considered for the placement in 2017.

Interested in learning more about what our supervisors look for in candidates? Check out our 0-100 Series which showcases Luma artists and the reels they applied with!



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