Melbourne Rated the Most Liveable City in the World…Again

You did it again, Melbourne.

For the 7th year in a row, The Economist has ranked Melbourne as the most liveable city in the world. Many important factors like health care, education and infrastructure are taken into account, although we can’t help but think that our delicious coffee had something to do with it… I mean it’s one of the most compelling reasons why our Founder chose Melbourne over Sydney as Luma’s second studio location (no seriously).

We are one lucky bunch to have our Melbourne studio located in one of the finest suburbs with access to some of the best cafes, coffee, shops and city views going around. Don’t believe us? Check out this list of 7 of our favourite local spots in South Melbourne.


Coventry StreetIMG_2563

We can probably walk this street up and down with our eyes closed. So many gems like the Coventry Book Store, Bibelot and Cottle on Coventry can be found on this street.

Giddiup CafeOur go-to morning coffee spot.

Our go-to morning coffee fix.


South Melbourne Markets IMG_2553

Market days are the best days. Fresh pastries and produce, the best oysters in town and so much more.

Golden Gate HotelIMG_2552

Among the many things you can rely on Melbourne for, a pub on every corner definitely makes our list. Only 20 steps away from our studio.

Tuck ShopTuck Shop - Best sneaky lunch spot for a quick jaffle.

Best sneaky lunch spot for a quick jaffle. Shh don’t tell anyone.


Favourite lunch spot with a classic Australian menu.


Luma deck

Nothing really beats this city view.


Of course, what makes Melbourne great isn’t just the coffee, the views and the food—there are deeper reasons as to why we all love to call this city home. Find out what our crew had to say about it.

“I love Melbourne because it’s like a treasure map full of lane ways with pleasant discoveries at every turn.”

-Dulshan Keragala (Sri Lanka)

“Before moving to Melbourne, I always had a certain perspective of the cities I lived in as being concrete jungles. Even in sunshine it was hard to find a sense of color and life. That’s the one thing that Melbourne changed for me— it’s colorful even in the darkest alleyway and there is life bursting from every crack. It’s a wonderful thing to come across.”

-Xander Kennedy (Aukland)

“The cultural diversity is the best thing about Melbourne. I was born here and I’m still amazed by what this city has to offer.”

-Hugo Sands (Melbourne)

“You feel an instant belonging to Melbourne as soon as you step foot in it. The pulse of this vibrant city is felt at every turn.”

-Valentina Gonzalez (Los Angeles)

You can download the full report on The Economist here.

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