A Mini Marvel

Wieden + Kennedy

VFX Studio
Luma Pictures

Russo Brothers

Production Company 

There are few events in the world larger than the Super Bowl. And in the world of advertising, nothing even comes close.

From the big to the small, everyone looks forward to the commercials that entertain – sometimes more than the game itself!

So it’s only appropriate that Coke and Marvel teamed up to provide a refreshingly entertaining and downright amazing film for all to enjoy. As for the big and small…this one’s taking both to another level.

Cue roar from The Hulk and a witty quip from Ant-Man!!

Due to Luma’s extensive experience working with both characters, we welcomed the call from Wieden + Kennedy when they asked us to partner with The Russo Brothers from Bullitt to help bring A Mini Marvel to life. There was just one small thing; the schedule only allowed for eight weeks from award to final delivery.

The meek would likely shy away from such a challenge. The team at Luma said, “we eat the meek for breakfast!!”

And so the journey began. A journey involving unparalleled collaboration between all parties, sublimely informative storyboards, airtight pre-visualization, world-class production units, flawless data collection, miraculous look development, extraordinary animation, outstanding effects and seamless compositing. This really was the perfect storm of awesomeness.

The real star of the spot is the Coke Mini in all of its glory. But The Hulk and Ant-Man didn’t take a back seat. While the Luma team was quite experienced working with both characters, it was time to take them to a whole new level for their big Super Bowl 50 debut.

The muscular system inside The Hulk was completely redefined. As was the simulation process. The Hulk has been a character notoriously difficult to bring to life in the VFX world. Luma’s process gave fast feedback, allowing us to produce the best looking Hulk that we had ever produced. Ant-Man received spiffy, new MoCap, running the MoCap and hand-keyed animation through Suit-up, Luma’s internal wrinkle/cloth system for tight fitting suits.

Even the mini can of Coke was treated like a character. Every few frames the team studied the shot to see how they could light The Hulk and Ant-Man, while treating the Coke can with specific lights to make it pop like a magazine ad.

Luma’s unique, non-linear workflow was essential to achieve the level of complexity and perfection that was required to make the spot really special. By running many parts of the production process in parallel, the team was able to move quickly… and meet that eight week deadline.

Through many roars and growls viewers get an action packed 60-second spot, and in the end, with a little help from Ant-Man, the poor, sad The Hulk prevails.

Check out our “Making of” below.



VP/Senior Supervisor
Vincent Cirelli

VFX Producers
Louisa Cartwright
Michael Perdew

Digital Effects Supervisor
Justin Johnson

Jared Simeth, Brendan Seals, Loïc Zimmerman, Alexandre Cancado, Andrew Zink, Oded Raz, Pavel Pranevsky, Thanapoom Siripopungul

Technical Coordinators
Daniel Kepler, Andrew Kalicki

CG Artists
Dave White, Anthony Grant, Daniel Riddle, Dulshan Keragala, Joe Reif, Kyoungsoo Min, Lily Morgan, Mikey Rogers, Mohammad Modarres, Michael Hodgson, Tadao Masuyama, Tom Newbury, Sichen Zhang, Damir Filipovic, Lenny Gordon, Josue Arias, Kevin Bolivar, Marcos D. Romero, Marco Capparelli, Matthew Stoyakovich, Billy Dao, Justin Brunett, Meg Grube, Michael Vandenhoven, Monika Gelbmann, Ngan Chung, Tiffany Wang, Wen Zhao, John Cassella, Jacob Santamaria, Karl Rogovin, Daniel Bukevec, Imre Tüske, Jiyong Shin, John Kent, Johannes Gross, Lucas Pozzey, Brian Broussard

Managing Director
Jay Lichtman

Creative Director
Matt Lydecker

Animation Director
Raphael A. Pimentel

VFX Production
Catherine Hughes, Justin Porter, Beth Senn, Cole Darby, Sheldon Neill, Timothy Bond, Celine Lam, Austin Baker

James Waterson, David Larochelle, Michaela Danby, Chris Fung, Christopher Miller, Garrett Wycoff, Gregory Ng, Joe Censoplano, Joey Sila, Jun Eun Kim, Marc Schoenbeck, Matthias Dolphens, Michael Yates, Jonathan Harkes, Will Lovett, Cameron Sorgi, Andrew Alevizos, Christian Salvador, Marcel Martins, Matt Bacon, Meagan Green, Shawn Sahara

Flame Artist
Claire Pereira de Souza

Motion Graphics
Faraz Abbasi

Santa Monica

1424 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 888-8738


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South Melbourne VIC 3205