Final Fantasy XV “Stand Together”


Kasra Faharani

Square Enix

Production Company

We’re fully geeking out after waiting almost 10 years for the release of Final Fantasy XV.

So you can be sure our hearts skipped a beat when we received the opportunity to work on the first ever live action commercial for the Square Enix franchise. In this Final Fantasy XV “Stand Together” spot, Luma was tasked with bringing the Iron Giant and the fight sequences into the real world, while honoring the spirit and history of the highly revered game.

In the spot, four brave kids living in a dystopian world band together to fight impossible odds. In the woods, Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis save the kids in a battle against the furious Iron Giant.

Before Chromista shot the film, the Luma crew collaborated closely with Director, Kasra Farahani, and the team at Omelet to develop concept art, storyboards and complex look development. The result of planning and flawless communication can be seen in the seamless marriage of CG and live-action.

The Luma crew studied game footage and then enhanced it by adding detail and nuanced complexity. For the Iron Giant in particular, Luma worked to find the balance between detailed photoreal and game style animation.

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VFX Supervisor
Kevin Souls

VFX Producer
Steven Swanson

Alexandre Cancado, Raphael A. Pimentel

Shoot Supervisor
Alexandre Cancado

CG Artists
Mathieu Aerni, Anthony Grant, Schiller Sean-Louis Jr., Sichen Zhang, Tadao Masuyama, Marcos D. Romero, Monika Gelbmann, Ari Flesch, Annie Jan, Erica Robinson, John Trudgian, Jeroth Diggeden, Meg Grube, Justin Brunett, Nicolette Kiss, Ross Novak, Tiffany Wang, John Cassella, Karl Rogovin, Tom Allen, Lenny Gordon, Ambrose McDuffy, Dominic Francis

Managing Director
Jay Lichtman

VFX Production 
Catherine Hughes, Michael Perdew

Technical Coordinators 
Daniel Kepler, Andrew Kalicki, Timothy Bond

Alex Khan, Eddie Porter, Gian Ignacio Lombardi, Joe Censoplano, Joey Sila, Cameron Sorgi, Federico La Tona, Christian Salvador, Meagan Green, Michael North 

Flame Artist
Claire Pereira de Souza

Santa Monica

1424 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 888-8738


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South Melbourne VIC 3205