Infiniti: the Driver’s Seat VR Experience


VFX Studio
Luma Pictures

Steve Mapp

Production Company 
Tool of North America

Luma joined forces with Infiniti, CP+B, OMD, and Tool director Steve Mapp to create Infiniti’s virtual reality (VR) experience, “A Drive Through Time.”

Through one app, viewers get two VR experiences — “Dream Road” transports viewers into the driver’s seat of the high-performance Q60 Concept and “From Pencil to Metal” puts the viewer inside of the QX30 Concept as it is designed, from the original sketch to the final model.

For “Dream Road”, transition mattes were created within Nuke’s 3D space and output back to the master composite through a 360-degree stereoscopic lens. Custom tools were developed in-house at Luma to allow for seamlessly stitching multiple 8mm captures from the location and placed into a single master spherical movie. This was then stabilized and used not only as the backplate in VR, but also to inform the dynamic lighting and reflections for the CG car and driver.

For “From Pencil to Metal”, Luma translated the process of building a car within a virtual space in a way that was both grounded in reality and poetic. Multiple techniques were applied to achieve the variety of required materials and effects along with an ever-evolving sense of design to the VR experience.

The experience launched at Concours d’Elegance during 2015 Pebble Beach Automotive Week. You can view additional content via the CP+B microsite here or download the free Infiniti Driver’s Seat VR mobile app to check out the full experience at home.


VFX Producers
Jamey Kitchens and Michael Perdew

VP/Senior Supervisor
Vincent Cirelli

Shoot Supervisor
Robert Moggach

2D Supervisor
Justin Johnson

Joey Sila, Alexandre Cancado and Joe Censoplano

Color and Colorist
Luma Pictures and Justin Johnson

Creative Director
Matt Lydecker

Digital Effects Supervisor
Justin Johnson

CG Supervisor
Dave White

CG Artists
Eric Valdes, Jean-Louis Schiller Jr., Jonathan Sabella, Masuyama Tadao, Pavel Pranevsky, Oded Raz, Min Kyoungsoo, Monika Gelbmann, Karl Rogovin, Marcos Romero, Marco Capparelli, Raphael Pimentel and Anthony Grant

Editorial Company and Editor 
Luma Pictures and Bill Marmor

Santa Monica

1424 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 888-8738


Level 2, 256 Clarendon St
South Melbourne VIC 3205