Wavedash in the Spotlight

Wavedash is a game development studio currently developing the first eSports platform fighter game for PC.

It’s also a startup that Luma Launch has recently invested in. So, we chatted with Luma Launch Strategy and Venture Manager, Francis Pollara, to get a quick run down on Wavedash and why it is a unique opportunity for Luma.

Why is Wavedash a great investment for Luma Launch?

All our investments are great, but sometimes we partner with companies that present an opportunity to be highly strategic and provide a significant unfair advantage against the competition.The big advantage with Wavedash is that they’re combining two solid gaming models, eSports and Free-To-Play. Launch is uniquely positioned being backed by an ambitious creative studio, we have a diverse team and it’s rare that we find a startup to partner with, which we can utilize every aspect of what our studio has to offer. 

What do you think makes Wavedash unique?

The Wavedash founders, Matt Fairchild and Jason Rice, are very impressive and have been deeply involved in the platform competitive game community since 2003.  Matt has built player communities with over a million members for multiple top grossing games and got his start hosing Super Smash tournaments. Jason was one of the driving forces behind Major League Gaming’s Smash Brothers World Circuit events. Jason forged his game design career in eSports, joining Major League Gaming to create the first professional platform fighter league as well as having shipped games for Bioware and EA.

Additionally, there’s a significant base of Super Smash gamers that have been effectively abandoned by Nintendo and are extremely interested in a new entrant producing a well made platform fighter game. Between the all-star team and the massive opportunity left behind, we’re very excited to release the game and see it played in arena tournaments. We’re also looking forward to opportunities to feed the appetite of these highly-gaged communities with content. 

What kinds of projects or investments can materialize in the future from this investment?

Today we are working with Wavedash on character design elements, animation sequences and the rigging of characters in action. Soon we’ll be supporting the development of game trailers for the much anticipated release, and further down the road we will look to working with Wavedash and game IP to create various forms of content for the community. A successful competitive platform game will be played in arenas in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, its a massive opportunity, one that few games have realized.

Want to know more about Wavedash? Check out this techcrunch article

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