Weekend Workshop: Studio Lighting & Acquisition for VFX

At Luma, we’re always eager to keep learning; whether that means lunchtime sessions, FACC outings, or weekend workshops, we’re always up to something around here!

The team headed to Blue Tree Studios in Port Melbourne on a Saturday to learn about studio lighting and acquisition for visual effects. VFX Supervisor, Brendan Seals, has extensive knowledge in this field and led the weekend workshop. Along with learning general information about colorspaces and color/lighting workflow, the crew learned how to:

  • set up of 2 x softbox studio lighting against a white cyc
  • light subjects and adjust lights to properly expose subjects
  •  set up of plate camera to compose subject and frame
  • adjust camera settings to properly expose subject
  •  set up and capture reference materials
  • set up HDR equipment and capture HDR




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