Luma x Tisch West


On Wednesday night, Luma invited members of the NYU Tisch West community to visit our Santa Monica studio to meet with the Content team and learn about opportunities within our live-action film and animation teams. NYU Tisch West is an alliance of LA based alumni from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. The community exists to increase the visibility of Tisch alumni working in the entertainment industry and to create professional inter-departmental collaborations and cross-generational relationships between alumni.

Nicole Sanders, Manager of Creative Affairs at Luma and NYU alum says, "I think this event is a great way for our NYU community to build better relations with employers here in LA, and this is an opportunity for alumni to form networking relationships and to hear more about the kinds of talent Luma is looking for."

We had an incredible evening meeting new talent and sharing our content intiative with NYU alums. We look forward to hosting more of these kinds of events in the future.

-Jill Gilbert, Head of Creative Affairs