League of Legends: Worlds Opening Ceremony

Luma teamed up with Riot Games to bring their thrilling Opening Ceremony VR Concert to life for the League of Legends World Championship. The opening ceremony was showcased live from Shanghai, China, where the final of the LOL World Championship was played. The game is one of the premier events in the esports industry and the Opening Ceremony never fails to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. 

Our team delivered eye-catching visual effects shots for the opening sequence within a tight three month timeline. Luma created 3D buildings, blacked out all the city lights, animated bright light beams that illuminate the city, and full CG characters and motorcycles as they race through the streets of Shanghai and into the stadium’s tunnels. Luma used aerial footage of Shanghai as reference, and “our creative approach was to find a balance between our usual photoreal work and the fantasy world of Riot's League of Legends,” said VFX Supervisor Alexandre Cancado. To create the final look, we referenced a wide variety of styles from Chinese photography to stylized anime paintings and comics. 

Luma was thrilled to collaborate with Riot Games to create a show-stopping Opening Ceremony that will be remembered by fans for years to come.