Full CG
Creating fully computer-generated content with high-quality visuals and realistic animations for films and other media

Luma Pictures' impressive portfolio of full CG work includes the Powerlines Corridor sequence in Spider-Man: No Way Home which required the creation of an entirely digital environment and characters, and the Busan Street Chase in Black Panther which featured full CG shots of the Busan streets, buildings, and cars. Our innovative approach also allowed us to contribute to the charming Disney+ series, I Am Groot, where our artists and animators utilized innovative tools such as Unreal Engine to bring Groot and his unique world to life.

Have a peek at our Full CG reel below:

Oded Raz, Head of CG

Oded heads the CG department at Luma and plays a key role in the studio's long term planning, structure, and pipeline. He has a deep focus on cross-departmental collaboration, working closely with department heads and CG Supervisors to develop and optimize processes that drive success. With a wealth of experience in full CG animation for game cinematics, Oded brings valuable knowledge to the table, having previously served as the Head of Assets at Blur Studio. His credits include working on the beloved Disney+ series I Am Groot, as well as blockbusters such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, The Tomorrow War, and Guardians of the Galaxy.