Our Story
Supporting high impact, early-stage startups addressing some of the world’s most critical problems.

Launch’s core mandate is to support companies attempting to address some of humanity's most pressing challenges in categories including technology, healthcare, education, climate change and underserved communities. It’s a new and ever-changing world. Our mission is to help our founders make tomorrow better than today. 

Matt Lydecker, Lead Investor

Matt is a creative turned Venture Capitalist.  He worked as a Creative Director for 15 years contributing fresh and inspiring ideas for influential brands like Apple, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, and Samsung. He played a pivotal role in establishing Launch in 2015, and brings his unique experience and passion for design and strategy to his current role as Lead Investor. 

Laurent Grill, Lead Investor

Laurent is an entrepreneur turned Venture Capitalist. He works with start-up founders to successfully build scalable teams, strong company cultures, and disruptive products. His desire to support growing tech communities in Los Angeles and other budding technology hubs around the US led him to join Launch. He has founded, expanded, and managed multiple start-ups ranging from a music education technology platform, Miso Media, to the leader in the Massage-on-Demand space, Zeel.