5 Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out at Luma


Whether you’re hoping to land your first job in the VFX industry or looking for your next gig, we know the process of applying to studios can often be a daunting process. After working in the industry for 10+ years, our recruiters, Mags and Katie, have honed in on their hiring practices to know exactly what they’re looking for when they review applications.

Here, they give you their top five tips to consider when applying to a position at Luma, and they can certainly be applied to other VFX studios.

We look at your Linkedin 

We’ll always look at your Linkedin profile and other social media profiles. Always keep it updated and make sure it represents you in the way you intend. Otherwise, keep them private. A picture tells 1000 words. What does your profile image say about you? 

Apply to positions relevant to your experience

Applying for a very senior position and a junior position doesn’t send a message of your passion to join a company. It’s confusing and can work against your applications. Instead, be honest about your experience and skills and apply to positions that are appropriate. 

Tailor your reel or resume

Do your research and tailor your reel to each studio’s needs. Find out what software they use and make sure you highlight this on your resume if it matches your skills. Tell us about relevant festivals or awards that you’ve been a part of or even won. Highlight additional learnings that you have undertaken, but always make it relevant. An award for rock climbing, though absolutely brilliant in itself, doesn’t showcase any abilities that we're looking for. 

Be proactive!

We review countless reels and resumes on a daily basis. Make yourself stand out with a thoughtful cover letter specific to each company. If you apply via our website, wait a week or so and send one follow-up email to highlight your resume. It’s important to strike a balance between proactivity and patience. The squeaky wheel does get the grease, but too much noise can be a bit off-putting.

Don’t burn bridges

It’s a small industry and you’ll often cross paths again with many people at different studios. Make sure you leave on a positive note and don't tarnish relationships.

Remember that your portfolio/resume is only one part of the equation. We’re always looking for candidates who are open to learning, can take feedback and direction, have a bona fide passion for the industry and will be a good cultural fit for Luma.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next post where we'll dive into tips and tricks for the interview process.