Luma’s Work on Alien: Covenant Featured in Art of VFX and VFXBlog

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Luma’s VFX Supervisor Brendan Seals chatted with Vincent Frei of Art of VFX and Ian Failes of VFXBlog to talk through Luma’s work on three sequences in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant. The work covers creating holographic displays and styled graphics for the transparent chamber hoods, adding an extension of colony pods and replacing the lamps that give light to David’s laboratory. The crew also developed particle simulations to create clusters of airborne spores that travel into a CG human ear canal constructed and designed by the Luma team.

To celebrate the crew’s work on the show, Luma hosted a private screening of Alien: Covenant at Hoyts Melbourne Central on Sunday. Following the screening, Ian Failes moderated a Q&A with Brendan Seals, Andrew Zink (CG Supervisor) and Raphael Pimentel (Animation Supervisor). Among the topics covered where the grotesque reference material the crew came across for creating the CG ear canal (think terrible ear infections, mountains of ear wax, etc), the beautiful plate photography they received from the client and their most challenging moments on the show.

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