From Screenings to a Survivor Comp: A Culture Roundup


Luma has had a jam-packed start to the year with a series of events. From Vancouver to Melbourne to LA, our team has been busy with a range of activities that have brought us closer together. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.


The year started off with a bang with the Vancouver crew's New Year's Party, where we had a blast eating, drinking, and making memories that brought our team closer together.

Melbourne celebrated the Lunar New Year with the Big Fat Quiz, where the team showed off their knowledge of Chinese culture and traditions. The competition was fierce with many prizes up for grabs and Steve Chong claiming the win.


In February, Luma celebrated Black History Month, and employees were encouraged to attend experiences that inform, educate and celebrate Black lives, history and culture.  

Our LA and Vancouver leadership team dressed to the nines to celebrate our industry and attend the 21st Annual VES Society Awards at The Beverly Hilton.

Melbourne’s film club watched the critically acclaimed movie Triangle of Sadness, while the LA crew attended Marvel’s cast and crew screening of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.


In March, we celebrated Women’s History Month, where we recognized and honored the contributions of women in history and the present day by sharing our favorite films, books, and podcasts made by women. 

Melbourne hosted a massive Survivor competition that was filled with adventure, challenges, and of course, plenty of drama. Partners joined in on the fun, with participants battling it out for a chance to win a weekend stay at a luxurious hotel in Melbourne.

In Vancouver, we held a recruitment mixer where we got to meet talented individuals who are interested in joining our team. It was a fun and casual way to connect with potential candidates and share insights into the work culture at Luma.


Finally, in April, we hosted our annual Mario Kart Tourney in Melbourne. It was a day of high-speed thrills in this fiercely competitive tournament where all the racers brought their A-game. Congrats to Michael Yates for taking home the gold this year! 

Phew! What a start to the year. We've got more events and learning opportunities to look forward to in the next couple of months--stay tuned!