Luma Wins AACTA Award for Spider-Man: Far From Home


Luma Pictures was honoured with the Best Visual Effects Award for Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Far From Home at the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts Awards. The Industry Luncheon was held on Monday, December 2nd at the Star Centre in Sydney, Australia. 

The Luma Melbourne team, led by VFX Supervisor Brendan Seals, worked on four sequences including the major action-packed Molten Man Battle. Luma partnered with Marvel Studios early on to design and develop the Molten Man character and sequencing of the battle. The team was responsible for augmenting and replacing the Prague environment and Spider-Man Stealth Suit in the majority of the sequence, with FX simulations developed for 90% of the shots. Luma’s collaboration spanned creative development, R&D, tech-vis and post vis to final execution. 

“This is an incredible celebration of all the team's hard work not just on this show, but in the shows leading up to Spider-Man: Far From Home. Every project came with small wins that led to this achievement. It's not an overnight thing, and I’m so proud of the years behind this team, their dedication at Luma and the passion they show for their craft,” said Brendan Seals. 

Marvel Studios’ Overall VFX Supervisor Janek Sirrs, Overall VFX Producer Cyndi Ochs, Luma VFX Supervisor Brendan Seals and CG Supervisor Andrew Zink were honoured with the award as part of the visual effects team. 

Luma’s VP/Head of Production Vincent Cirelli said, “We’re grateful to be a part of the MCU family, and proud of our Luma team for their outstanding work on Spider-Man: Far From Home! We're humbled by the Australian film industry's recognition of our studio and thank all who are involved with the industry’s growth and success in Australia.”

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From Left: Adam Gailey, Brendan Seals, Andrew Zink
From Left: Adam Gailey, Brendan Seals, Andrew Zink