3 Things We Look for in VFX Candidates


We’re always looking for exceptional talent to work with at Luma. Our supervisors and managers review applications almost every day of the working year, and that’s not an exaggeration!

Our recruiting team outlines the top three criteria they look for when hiring visual effects talent.


This might sound like a no-brainer, but when it comes to artists, the first thing we look at is your reel. So, what makes a reel stick out from the literal thousands we review? Here are some pointers:

  • Show only your best work & put it at the start of your reel. Don’t leave your proudest moment for the end of your reel—we could easily miss it.
  • Demonstrate your creative & technical abilities. Showcase yourself!
  • Clearly indicate what you contributed to each shot.
  • Don’t stress the music—we almost always hit that mute button!


Your resume should clearly demonstrate your experience in previous positions and give examples related to our job description. Your resume shows your attention to detail (or lack of), so always triple check before you hit that send button. Absolute no-nos for us include:

  • Typos
  • Poor formatting
  • Not tailoring your resume to our job description

Always, always apply with your best!


While we’re always looking for exceptional talent, we also work hard to make sure that everyone at Luma feels comfortable and supported in their teams. We’re more than just colleagues here, and we actively try to maintain that through the people we hire. During the interview process, we look for people who:

  • Check their ego at the door
  • Have a team-player attitude
  • Show ambition & a willingness to keep learning and growing

We hope this article was helpful to you. Looking for more tips? Check out these top tips & tricks for creating a stand out application.

If you’re interested in a position at Luma, head to our Careers page.