A Mini Marvel Story

With the help of a couple of Marvel superheroes, Coke used the biggest marketing stage to advertise its smallest product to date

Hulk and Ant-Man made their debut in A Mini Marvel, a 60-second Super Bowl spot, part of Coke’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign.

To build anticipation during the week leading up to Super Bowl, Coke sent members of the press a package that included limited-edition Coke mini cans with the faces of several Marvel superheroes and a teaser note that said “02.07.16. The Big Game is just the beginning. Follow @CocaCola to watch the story unfold.” Coke then went viral with the campaign, directing viewers to hidden clues in the spot, so they can order a mini can online.

Come the second quarter of the game on Sunday, The Hulk and Ant-Man made their Super Bowl debut on this widely anticipated spot. Luma, together with Wieden + Kennedy and Bullitt directors, The Russo Brothers, made these superheroes look better than they ever have. And in a short timeframe. Eight weeks to be exact.

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