Building Backpacks for Kids in Need


In the US, 92% of classrooms have students whose families cannot afford school supplies [Source]. To do a small part in responding to this alarming statistic, Luma partnered with the Kids In Need Foundation to help deliver supplies to those who need them most for the upcoming school year.

In August, Luma employees (safely) gathered in our Santa Monica studio to fill 160 backpacks with school supplies for students in South LA. While the late afternoon sun streamed in through the windows, our crew worked together to stock the backpacks with supplies such as notebooks, rulers, pencil cases, and more - while others wrote inspiring notes to stuff inside. Once all the backpacks were fully stocked and zipped closed, we popped open some wine and made our way out to the terrace for a networking session.

Kids In Need Foundation identified a school just outside of Inglewood in LA - Learning by Design Charter School - as in need of supplies for their students this year. So, we piled all 160 backpacks into a cargo van and made our way to the elementary school to meet some of the kids and distribute the backpacks!

Luma is committed to giving back to our communities and making a difference, and events like these make us proud of our wonderful people at Luma who help make this happen.