2016 Wrap Up

We had a big and busy year working on kick-ass projects that truly challenged and inspired us

From creating a 360 environment for the MS Society: Together We Are Stronger campaign, working with Marvel on the groundbreaking Doctor Strange, to creating the first live action trailer for Final Fantasy XV, it's been a phenomenal ride. Along the way, we've had an incredibly passionate and dedicated crew that made work on these projects possible.

Read on to find out just what we were up to all year.

A Mini Marvel

Working under an eight week deadline, Luma teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy and Marvel on this Coke Super Bowl spot featuring The Hulk and Ant-Man. Read more


Luma teamed up with Fox to deliver around 200 shots including the scrapyard fight sequence. The crew worked on enhancing the action with dig-doubles, gore, weapon replacements, muzzle flashes and ordnance simulations. Read more

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

After wrapping up work on Insurgent, Luma was invited back to work on Allegiant to create several parts of the Factionless environment and a number of shots in the airport decay sequence. Read more

MS Society: Together We Are Stronger

Luma teamed up with Wieden + Kennedy to complete the VR component of a fully immersive 360 degree environment for a campaign that highlights a surfer and a dancer unable to continue performing since their diagnosis of MS. Read more

Captain America: Civil War

Luma worked with Marvel to deliver 200 shots including the Stasis Chamber Flashback, Task Force Headquarters, Abandoned Factory Hideout, and the Hydra Facility Flashback. Read more

Doctor Strange

Luma worked on key sequences in this visually stunning film including the opening London Alley sequence, the Cathedral sequence, and creating the Dark Dimension and Dormammu. New tools and technology were developed in house to achieve the scope of work. Read more

Final Fantasy: Stand Together

In this first ever live action trailer for Final Fantasy XV, Luma worked with the team at Omelet to bring the Iron Giant and fight sequences into the real world. Read more

Alien: Covenant (in production)

That's a wrap 2016! Stay tuned for all the great things coming in 2017!